Hooded sweatshirts or simply hoodies are fashion staples for both men and women. They have been around for many years since the 1930s, and it looks like they will forever continue to be a favorite fashion staple. But as with any fashionable articles of clothing today, hoodies were originally created for practicality and protection. They were made for athletes and workers who often battled against the cold and bad weather when training and working.


It was in the mid-70s when the hip-hop culture became immensely popular that well-known break dancers started wearing hoodies as fashion statements. Later on, hoodies leaped from being a practical clothing for athletes to stylish everyday wear. Today, this humble garment is worn by all ages and genders.


Zip hooded sweatshirts are some of the types of hoodies because they are extremely versatile. You can wear and style them depending on the occasion. If you want to give your everyday look a twist, try wearing denim or leather jackets on top of your zip-up hoodie. This will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.


Zip hooded sweatshirts are easier to wear and to remove, too. You can wear them all year regardless of the season, as there are ‘heavy’ types that are perfect for winter and ‘light’ types for summer. They are also sportier compared to pull-over hoodies. You can wear this hoodie in the gym while warming up and remove it before you sweat too much. Want to look sporty look while exercising? Get black or gray basic zip hooded sweatshirt and pair it with joggers or shorts.


Unlike other types of hoodies that look baggy, zip hooded sweatshirts can complement your body better. Thanks to the zipper in the middle, these hoodies are slimmer fitting and are suitable for layering.


Is it time for your old zipper hoodies to retire? Want to go shopping for new ones? You don't have to go out and visit an actual boutique to do this. You can conveniently buy zip hooded sweatshirts from online stores in the comfort of your home.


Don't forget to check the size chart before buying to choose slim fit hoodies that suits your size. Also, look for manufacturers that guarantee 100% cotton hoodies for they are breathable and durable.


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